Lower your electricity bills by replacing these high power consuming products from your home!

When you plan to buy any gadgets then always look for the energy-efficient gadget as these gadgets will lower down your investments as well as the time. The energy efficient gadgets will give you better performance thereby saves your electricity bills. So if you are looking for the energy saving or energy efficient devices then here you can check the list of appliances which helps you save more money as well as time.


If you go to the market to purchase the bulbs then instead of choosing the normal bulbs, try to purchase the LED bulbs. There are various types of bulbs present in the market which delivers the amazing bright colors, comes in all shapes and varied sizes. You can choose according to your requirements. The LED bulbs not only lower down your electricity bill but it will also run for longer duration and time.


Hubs are the devices which you use for networking. Always try to purchase the dedicated home hubs which let you communicate with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and many other wireless spectrums which you can purchase from the market. Hubs like Homey and Revolv are one of the energy saving devices which you can use for the networking. The homey hub is the colorful hub which comes in the spherical shape is used to control anything. The Revolv hub is not only used to control the smart lights but you can also use this device for locks, cameras, and thermostats. Apart from these two hubs, there is another hub available in the market and that is Wink hub.

Green IQ Smart Hub

You can also save your money using the irrigation system which will save not only time but it will save your money as well. This device is controlled by the Wi-Fi device which can be used for the watering schedule, outdoor lighting, and other functions. This device responds quickly when there is the change in the weather. This device not only saves your time but it will also help you to lower down the gardening bill up to 50%.

Apart from the home appliances and electronic equipment’s you can also save money from the Kitchen appliances as well such as if you buy grinder instead of purchasing the mixer then the cost it will incur is lower than the cost of the mixer. Apart from this, for cooking purpose, you can purchase the gas ranges and we have gas range reviews for your help that works as the cooking burner and as the oven.


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