SanDisk Ultra Dual

SanDisk Ultra Dual Pendrive – A New Experience

SanDisk Ultra Dual Pendrive

There are lots of other ways to transfer your important data between your PC and Android device but one of the simplest methods has been to connect your PC using a data cable. SanDisk emerged with a better idea, and that is an Ultra Dual USB Drive that can be used with both Android smartphones and tablets and with your PCs also. Are you planning to buy a new pen drive then do go for Sandisk Ultra Dual Pendrive that can be easily used with PC as well as with your smartphone? And for that you don’t need to have an OTG cable, you just plug in this micro USB connector into your smartphone micro USB port and your data is easily transferred.

SanDisk Ultra Dual

SanDisk Storage Device

If you are facing problems with the limited storage on your smartphone then this device can be conveniently used as an alternate storage device along with the Micro SD cards. Store your important office files like ppt, pdf, word files, project reports and much more, and for kids it’s become a flexible device in with they can store games, movies, school projects, reports and they can also store .apk files for mobiles or tabs recently Pokemon Go is one of the famous .apk and anyone can store it on this pen drive and save mobile data, kids also love Pokemon coloring pages or character’s for color in holidays. This device will store all for you. To use a Pendrive your Smartphone needs to support OTG. And if you already have an existing pen drive with USB 2.0 connector then you can buy the OTG cable and use the one.

SanDisk Product Description

But if you are planning to buy a new one then use it with the Smartphone; you must keep in mind buying SanDisk dual pen drives that are available in the market. Sandisk Ultra Dual is a device that features a USB 2.0 connection and a micro USB connector on the other head. This device is built up of quality plastic and both the connectors have a slide in and out plastic protection.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Pendrive

SandDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive

This is not just like any other ordinary pen drive but comes with OTG support. The best thing about this dual Pendrive is no messy cable around. The drive is perfectly compact and sticks smoothly with the smartphone though not being that slim. The Read Speed of this device is 19.69MB/s and the Write speed is 11.91MB/s.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Pendrive comes with different storage variations: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. So, you can choose according to your choice of need.

SanDisk’s Ultra Dual USB Drive can perform faster if it is outfitted with a USB 3.0 interface. So with a little more expense, you can make it much faster to use. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Pendrive is worth every penny. So don’t think much to buy this mini monster easy-to-use device.

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