The best instant messaging platforms for fuss-free chit chats!

Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is one of the most prominent and popular instant messaging app which is free. This instant messaging is a real time app which connects you with your family members, colleagues, and many other outside people. This messaging app is mainly used in US market and has huge customer base in US market. The only problem with the kik login is the increase in spam accounts. If you are facing the same problem you can checkout some of the alternatives which include some of the best & free Instant messaging applications. With this kik messenger app you can also explore your interest area through the various chat rooms customized for the different interest people even you can also create your own chat room according to your interest area.


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Snapchat is one of the best and simple instant messaging apps which come with exciting features which let you capture pictures and recording videos to share with friends. All you have to click picture and add some text to it and send it to your family members, friends, and colleagues. When the other person sees the content and the picture, then after few second it becomes invisible.


WhatsApp is the most popular app which is used worldwide. WhatsApp acquires the huge fan following and customer base across the world. This instant messaging apps offers various features in order to perform various functions like chatting with friends, making calls, sharing photos and videos, and many other functions can be performed by WhatsApp by just clicking a button. This app is free to download which you can download it from the play store. The WhatsApp offers various emoji’s which you can send it to your friends and colleagues. This app is used by lots of people.

Whasapp is compatible with iOS device having 6.0 versions or higher than this, Android 2.1 version or higher, Windows 8.0 or higher whereas this app is available for iOS, Windows, Black berry, Android devices.


Viber is the instant messaging app which is compatible with Windows smartphones, Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. This app offers various features which perform various functions like call, chat, share pictures and many other which other IM apps does not provide. This app comes with various stickers and emotions available in the app which is free. It also includes a feature to call some non viber people for free.

Facebook messenger

This is the messenger app by Facebook with which you can chat with your friends and it allows you to send free messages and calls with the standard set of emojis that are there in the toolbox of the messaging app. It is actually a vast application having database for all your chats you can even make calls or video calls to your connected friends with this Facebook messenger app and it always keeps you connected with the loved ones as it has a feature that it will pop up whenever a message comes for you no matter what application you are using and get you informed about the messages.

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